• 72 inch OD Sleeve

    Speciality - Only Reli Sleeve can Manufacture Insert / Pipe Sleeve upto 72 inch OD with high Standard Coatings.

  • Pipe Sleeve / Insert Sleeve

    Only Manufacturer in India and in top 5 in the World to Manufacture Pipe Sleeve/Insert Sleeve for Internal Coated Steel Pipes.

  • Coating Pipe Sleeve

    Insert Sleeve for Internal Coated Pipe Sleeve

  • Internal Coated Sleeve

    Internal Pipe Line Coating to protect against corrosion

  • Pipe / Insert Sleeve for Line pipe

    Pipe /Insert Sleeve is an alternative solution to expensive weld line coating through robotics & other means.

Reli Sleeve

They are used for internal fittings welded pipes and internally coated accessories. Which provide a protective barrier lining during application of welding, ensuring the integrity of the coating (burns) and avoiding the generation of localized spots of corrosion at the joints.

Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd is the only company to manufacture Insert Sleeve / Pipe Sleeve upto 72"

About Us

RELI SLEEVE, is a part of Reliable Group of Companies serving Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical and various other industries from last 40 years.

Established in 1975 Reliable is providing continuous innovation for problems faced in Oil & Gas Industry through major Research and Development activity.

Reli Sleeve is the only company in the world which can manufacture sleeves in both liquid and powder coating and sizes from 2" OD upto 72" OD and also Customized as per client requirement and critical pipe sleeve with sour service application.

Around 40 years back Reliable Group of companies started trading business supplying Steel Pipes & plates to the domestic market. Later it Started Importing International grades materials to meet the critical requirement of domestic consumers. Our aim is to provide complete business solution along with Reliability, Efficiency & Creativeness to worldwide clients at best competitive price and minimum delivery schedule. Reliable has it existence since 1975 loaded with vast experience of more than three decades towards engineering raw material and other related field. We believe our excellent background and experience can bring you more than you expect.

Covering from the areas of trading, importing, manufacturing & exporting Reli Sleeve can comprehensively respond to customer's requirements stage by stage and always tries to give full responsibility to our customer in every field. Reliable is continuously developing innovative technology in each business field and trying to maximize customer satisfaction by materializing "The best value creating company" and opening a new Engineering culture of the 21C.


These are some of the pictures of Reli Sleeve - Insert Sleeve / Pipe Sleeve. For more details you can visit our website : www.relisleeve.com

Reli Sleeve - Pipe Sleeve / Insert Sleeve

They are used for internal fittings welded pipes and internally coated accessories. Which provide a protective barrier lining during application of welding, ensuring the integrity of the coating (burns) and avoiding the generation of localized spots of corrosion at the joints.


"Currently the most effective means of welded pipes with internal coating for the SLEEVE BOARD is a coated metal connection system for bonding, continuity and internal corrosion protection coating on the pipe welding process."

The sleeve Board relates to the field of connections for coupling and welding lines internally coated carbon steel for transporting petroleum products and other fluids.

In the oil industry, as well as in various other industrial sectors that store, transport and distribute products through pipelines and / or arrangements of piping products and systems are developed to streamline the features in the area of materials, specifically in the prevention and corrosion resistance.

So many have come to market systems corrosion protection and one of the most efficient pipeline is coated internally by various types of products such as: thermoplastic, polyethylene and cements to name a few. In this type of coating system it is necessary to protect the integrity of the coating and to continue this in the action of welding two pipes coated with said through an internal connection designed for this purpose, as represented by the SLEEVE BOARD

The SLEEVE BOARD is designed to prevent turbulent flows, and this decreases the coefficient of abrasion and corrosion and sediment accumulation that could create areas of corrosion, thanks to the bezel present at the ends of it, allowing the free flow of fluid .

The Board hose connection is a system to protect the integrity of the coating and to continue this in the process of welding two pipes with internal coating.
• Fast assembly.
• It applies to pipes offshore / onshore plant and pipelines.
• Compatible with all resins.
• Antifouling coating 100%
• Waterproof, prevents scale, high resistance to corrosion and abrasion, no toxicity.
• Temperature: -5 ° C to 145 ° C


Two component system (Epoxy short gel time and high thixotropy) used in the installation of Slevees, which guarantees the hydraulic seal in the pipe joints. Advantages:

• Short gel time and high thixotropy,
• Easy application and handling in the field
Spray application system and Cartridges:

• Easy handling
• A controlled mixing of the components is ensured
• It reduces waste product
• The risk of contamination is minimized


Prefabricated accessories - Standard
They are regular fixtures (Elbows, Semicodos, Tees, Flanges, reductions) with welded ends and internally coated plant, which allow the installation of Slevees for welded joints with pipe extensions.

• Welding process: Semi Automatic Ground and certificate
• Standards: API 1104 or ASME Section IX
• Diameter : 2 "- 48"
• SCH 10 -160


• Quick and easy field installation
• Lower installation costs
• Special coatings


They are applied to change substrate properties (corrosion resistance, abrasion, adhesion, conductivity, etc.) materials Technologies:

Liquids Epoxy Phenolic - Epoxy Urethanes
Powder FBE (fusion bonded epoxy) - Fluoro polymers - Nylon
Others Ceramic, Chemical deposition

Important factors in the application of coatings:
• Surface Preparation
• Application controlled conditions (% RH, ° T)



• It is providing constant protection against corrosion and abrasion caused by the fluid through a uniform physical barrier.
• Prevents corrosion of the material throughout the cycle, storage, commissioning, operation and stops.
• Increases the production rate.
• Control of deposition of paraffins, asphaltenes and fouling materials.
• Improved hydraulic system efficiency (reduction of friction coefficient) thus increasing the transport capacity of the system fluid.
• Lower production costs by pumping (investment pays for itself in less than three years).
• Reduced maintenance costs (pigging and inhibitors).


• It represents lower investment costs compared with steel alloys greater

Alloy Steel Cost driver
Naked Carbon Steel 100 % (base Cost)
Carbon Steel Lining 150 %
Stainless Steel 316L 600 %
Stainless Steel 904L 900 %
Inconel 625 1800 %
Inconel 825 2200 %


• You can use pipes and fittings smaller thicknesses (Schedules), since it is not necessary to design with safety margins lost by corrosion.
• It facilitates inspection and commissioning.
• Extends the life of the material.
• Different coatings for different applications and operating conditions.
• Quick return on investment.


So what is the FBE

It is an epoxy powder coating adhesion by fusion (Fusion Bonded Epoxy - FBE)., industry standard, environmentally safe, heat-stable, and widely used as corrosion protection of pipe and fittings
system FBE coating consists of applying a resin termodirigída, applied in thicknesses of 400 -. 600 microns on the surface
Epoy The film exhibits an extremely hard and smooth surface with excellent adhesion to the steel surface, excellent chemical resistance, high strength the efforts of the terrain making it a lasting and reliable coating.


The FBE anticorrosion coating is widely used for the protection of pipes, fittings and equipment steel transmission and distribution networks of the oil products sector.
Likewise it has wide application in other sectors such as mining, agribusiness, construction, etc.


Advantages of Using Internal Coatings FUSION BONDED EPOXY (FBE)
• Durability and high performance under different conditions (proven over 50 years)
• It works perfectly with cathodic protection systems
• Film with high density of links (high cross-linked film)
• High impact resistance
• High abrasion resistance
• High flexibility
• Short times of application and curing
• Environmentally friendly (does not contain VOC)



Abrasive Characterization
• Fineness
• Hardness
• Density
• Specific Gravity
• Conductivity


Surface Preparation
• Measurement of environmental conditions (T °, RH, dew point)
• Anchoring profile
• Sales in quantifying Substrate
• Readiness Assessment: Brush Off, Commercial, Near White Metal, Metal White, Manual, Mechanic



Visual Inspection Measuring wet film Esperosres
Measurement of Dry Film Thickness Measuring Adhesion Pull Off
Measurement of adhesion to steel Adherence Measurement First
Adherence measurement Existing Coating Adhesion Measurement Tangential
Measurement Method Tape Adhesion Adhesion Measuring tape to tape
Hardness Test Impact resistance
Abrasion resistance Flexural Strength
Tensile Strength Penetration Resistance
Thermal Resistance Chemical Resistance
Electric detection of discontinuities (Holiday High and Low) Porosity of the coating
Flexibility Cathodic disbondment
Performance Assessment Salina House Performance Assessment humid chamber


All tests were conducted under ASTM, SSPC, CSA, NACE, ISO standards, among others.


• Company consolidated in the market

• Extensive experience in coatings

• Solid Infrastructure

• Automated processes

• We have International Experience

• Exclusive and registered designs: WEJ ® System

• Advice on the selection of coatings according to the application

• Guaranteed Products and Services

• Short response times

• Development of turnkey projects and special projects

• Strategic partners

Coating Tecnical Specifications

Fillowing are some of the technical specification used for pipe / insert sleev coating.

Coating Brief Information
3M Scotchkote 134 FBE Water and Wastewater Application
3M Scotchkote 345 Liquid Phenolic Primer
3M Scotchkote XC 6171 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
7409 PhenGuard 930 Resistance to a wide range of organic acids, alchol, edible oils, fats & solvents
7435 PhenGuard 935 Good resistance to hot water
7436 PhenGuard 940 Tank coating system for Chemical tankers
7497 SigmaLine 2000 To metal for pipe externals
Enviroline 405HT Process vessels and tanks operating at high temperature
Hempadur 85671 Water and chemical resistance
Interline 850 To provide corrosion protection for the internals of steel storage tanks
Intertherm 228 provide a corrosion resistant barrier
Interzone 954 Cathodic disbondment resistance
Plasite 7159 PDS 1-07 water-resistant epoxy coating polymerized with a polyamine type curing agent.
Plasite 7159 High abrasion resistant version
Sigmashield 1200 Water hull of ice going & ice breaking vessels
Corvel 10-6051 Used at elevated temperature and pressure in drill pipe, production tubing, valves and fittings
3M™ Scotchkote™ Epoxy Coating 162PWX High build single coat application protection of drinking water pipelines Storage and process tanks (check local approvals prior to use for potable water) Other equipment in contact with potable water
3M™ Scotchkote™ Liquid Epoxy Coating 323P Liquid Epoxy Coating Oil & Gas: Exploration and Pipeline, Oil & Gas: Refining, Oil & Gas: Transportation, Utilities & Power: Transmission & Distribution
702G Iternal Pipeline Coating System Epoxy Powder Coating engineered for used inside pipelines for Oil & Gas
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy (Corvel 7P-0200 Primer) Phenolic based liquid Coating excellent adhesion of fusion applied Resicoat
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy (Corvel EP-10 Primer 1P-0010) Phenolic based liquid Coating designed for priming the inside of steel pipes prior to the application of high performance Resicoat
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy (10-8158) Oil and Gas application Line Pipe, C02, Salt Water, Waste Water
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - HMH09QF Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and gas Power
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - HKF47R Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and Gas application Line Pipe, Drinking Water, Salt Water, Waste Water
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy Resicoat HJH01R Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and gas Architecture and construction
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - HLF2AQF Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and Gas application Tubing Casing
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - (78-7001-60) Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and gas Automotive Electronics, gas Power
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy- (10-6051) Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and Gas application Line Pipe, Drill Pipe, Tubing Casing
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy- HKH12QF Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and Gas Furniture and flooring Water Domestic appliances
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy- HNF13QF Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Excellent abrasion / wear resistance, good chemical and solvent resistance, good exterior durability, low coefficient of frction, and excellent machinability
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - HMH10QF (10-8233) Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and Gas application girth weld
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - (10-8233) Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and Gas application girth weld
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy- HKH15QF Oil and Gas application girth weld
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - Corvel EP - 10 Primer 1P - 0010) Application of high performacne Resicoat FBE Powder Coating
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - HGH02R Pipes for drinking water requirment. The powder is applied by spray application
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - HKF47R R4-ES Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating corrosion protection
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - Corvel 10-6051 Green (HKH12QF) Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil & Gas H2S, CO2, CH4 and petroleum distillates
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - (HKH12QF) Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil and gasPower, Architecture and construction, Automotive, Electronics, Furniture and flooring, Water, Domestic appliances
Akzonobel Fusion Bonded Epoxy - Corvel 10-8158 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Oil & Gas water injection
HEMPADUR HI-BUILD 4520C (HEMPEL) Seawater, mineral oils and splashes from petrol
HEMPADUR MUTLI-STRENGTH 35530 Fresh Water, sea water, crude oil, and to abrasion
HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH 45540 Corrosive environment
HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH GF 35870 Sea water, mineral oils,
HEMPADUR QUATTRO ALU 45604 Seawater and various oils.
HEMPADUR 35560 As a lining in potable water tanks and pipelines
HEMPADUR HI-BUILD 45200 As as intermediate or finishing coat designed for on-line application of containers.
HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH 45753 Intended for use in cold climates - see application conditions overleaf.
HEMPADUR 35560 Potable water tank
HEMPADUR 47140 Medium atmospheric environments
HEMPADUR 87540 High-build coating for the protection of the exterior of buried steel pipes, valves, fittings etc.
HEMPADUR HI-BUILD 45200 As a sealer for metal-sprayed coatings or zinc silicate primers in epoxy systems.
HEMPADUR MASTIC 45881 High Build Epoxy Paint Oil & Gas Industry
HEMPEL'S CURING AGENT 97371 Metal industry, ships and shipyards.
Interline 925 A high performance potable water tank coating Newbuilding or Maintenance & Repair.
Interline 984 A two component, solvent free chemically resistant heavy duty epoxy phenolic tank lining.
Interseal 670HS Pulp and paper plants, bridges and offshore environments
Intertherm 228 Epoxy Phenolic Coating Corrosive Environment
Intertherm 954 Corrosive envirnoments including pulp and paper plants, jetties, and sluice gates
Sigma Novaguard 840 Two-component, solvent-free, amine-cured novolac phenolic epoxy coating.
Sigma Shield 1200 Water hull of ice going & ice breaking vessels
Krumel FBE IC4888 KARUMEL FBE IC4888 is an epoxy based powder coating, designed for inner corrosion protection of pipeline form the corrosive environment encountered in the oil and gas industry. With a primer, this coating meets Saudi ARAMCO seawater and sour gas.
Krumel PP100 KARUMEL PP100 is a phenolic based liquid coating used as a primer prior to applying KARUMEL FBE IC4888,designed for inner corrosion protection of pipeline from the corrosive environments.
Valspar Pipeclad Phenolic Primer HXR0015 Corrosion Protection Pipeline Oil & Gas Industry
Carboline Plastie 7159 Carboline Plasite 7159 is a water-resistant epoxy coating polymerized with a polyamine type curing agent. A high performance lining for elevated temperature and pressure immersion services in high purity water, as well as the oil/water separating processes encountered in the petroleum industry.
Pipe Internal Products AkzoNobel Resicoat Pipe Internal Products
RAM - 100 RAM-100 TWO PART, LIQUID EPOXY COATING, 100% SOLIDS. A cutting-edge thermosetting epoxy monolithic cement corrosion-protection agent for steel pipes and existing oil structures that are subject to attack by a variety of acids, corrosive vapors, aggressive environments, microorganisms, thermal shock, salinity, humidity, and wear, caused by friction or abrasion.
KCC-IC-4888 Internal Lining for Oil & Gas IC4888 designed for inner corrosion protection of pipeline from the corrosive environment encountered in the oil and gas industry.
PP100 Internal Lining for Oil & Gas Phenolic based liquid coating designed for priming the inside diameter of pipe prior to applying high performance epoxy powder coatings
IC4848 Girth Weld Designed for coating the interior girth weld of pipelines. ● Meets Saudi ARAMCO sour gas service requirements when applied to metal
EX4412 Potable Water Designed for corrosion protection of water pipeline
Jotun Jotapipe AC 1003 This product is a fusion-bonded epoxy designed as an anti-corrosion coating for pipelines.


At Reliable, quality encompasses all processes within the organization, right from sourcing raw material and qualifying vendors to delivering and supporting the final product. Even though the company is ISO 14001, ISO/TS16949:2002, and ISO 14001-2015, ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 certified.